Tours, weekends away and holidays

Touring and biking holidays are a central part of the social life of KAMG and every year there is a programme of rides in the UK and further afield.

Some trips last only a day, some take several days, and some last weeks. This year there are tours planned for Wales, Scotland, Yorkshire, Rutland and East Anglia. Every year there is a tour in Northern Europe centred on Vianden in Luxembourg, and in 2017 there was a 5500 mile three-week Scandinavian tour covering Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, including riding to Nordkapp, which is well inside the Arctic Circle and is the northernmost road in Europe. In addition to KAMG-sanctioned and organised tours smaller groups of riders organise their own tours that take them all over the world.

Besides the holiday tours, KAMG always runs at least two very successful training weekend tours where the aim is, as always, to have a good time, but where there is also an element of ‘observed’ training riding too.

All tours that are planned and organised by KAMG are non-profit making and those taking part organise and pay for their own accommodation and ferries where necessary. If it is occasionally cheaper for KAMG to make a group booking the charges are passed on to participants at cost.

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