Observed rides

Observed rides form the basis of KAMG’s advanced rider training because, no matter how much theory you study, there is absolutely no substitute for actually riding on the road in the real world.

All KAMG observers have been through an extensive training programme before they have become a qualified IAM observer, and they are regularly retested. This ensures that you get a consistently high standard of training.

After attending our Introductory Day Course in Advanced Motorcycling (IDCAM) and subject to availability, you will be assigned an observer in your area. You will then go out on mutually arranged observed rides with your observer. These rides take place about every two weeks and will cover all aspects of your riding.

After each ride your observer will debrief you over a cup of tea at a local café and will give you things to practice until the next meeting.

Once your observer feels that you are up to test standard (usually after 5-8 rides), you will be given a final check ride with a Local Observer Assessor, before being recommended for your test.