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Course Overview

If you ride a motorcycle you already appreciate the sense of freedom it gives you, the mental discipline it takes, the friends you make, and the thrill of being on one of the coolest machines on the planet. But if you love riding, you also know its risks. That’s one reason why IAM RoadSmart developed its Advanced Rider course. This is an on-road advanced motorcycling course delivered by trained volunteers that gives you greater confidence and a feeling of safety when you ride on Britain’s roads. 

Whether you’re a born-again biker perhaps returning to riding on a larger, more powerful machine or you just love riding and want to be the best rider you can be, this course is for you. There’s a good chance you’ll save on insurance too. 

It will take between three and six months to complete the Advanced Rider course, which is taken on your own bike with a local IAM RoadSmart affiliated group close to you. Courses differ slightly in the way they’re delivered so check your local group to find out exactly how they do it. But all our groups include trained volunteers who’ll take you on a number of observed rides before you take the test. Please note that KAMG asks for a contribution of £10 to the fuel costs of your observer.

Each session lasts a couple of hours but can take longer as our observers are a sociable bunch and they often stop for socialising and food. Your observer will focus on specific skills helping you to develop awareness of your bike, the road and your surroundings. You will be taught how to choose the right position on the road, ride at the appropriate speed, select the right gear and accelerate where appropriate. Once you’ve developed these skills you’ll be ready to prove them in the advanced test. Let’s not deny that it takes commitment to achieve, but when you have qualified as an Advanced Rider you’ll be one of the most skilled riders on the road – fewer than 1% of riders hold an Advanced or higher qualification.

To start the training with we ask that new Associates attend an IDCAM – Introductory Days Course in Advanced Motorcycling. Classroom theory plus on road riding.

We also offer Machine Control Days to practice slow riding skills. MCD

Associate's Information

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