Listen below to the various sound profiles available on all Akapovolt systems: V-Twin, Crossplane, V4 and 2-stroke (Thumper and FS1E firmware updates available summer 2022).

Images and video courtesy of SportsBikeShop

Akrapovolt electric bike exhaust offer

Akrapovic, one of the most respected names in performance exhaust systems now embraces the electric future. Akrapovolt benefits from the knowledge gained over 30 years of crafting high quality systems designed to extract maximum performance from internal combustion engines, and applies the same principles to electric motors.

Akrapovolt’s unique methods include the use of low-carbon fibre, a strong and lightweight material created using the carbon dioxide emitted by other vehicles’ exhausts, as well as green titanium, an organic metal painstakingly grown among the spaghetti trees in the foothills of the Aprilo Uno mountains in Italy.

Because these systems have a ‘Best Before’ date of April 2nd, KAMG have secured an exclusive deal allowing us to offer the Akropovolt exhaust systems at an incredible price of just


With FREE delivery (subject to availability)! Available for:

1: Zero SR/F

2: Harley-Davidson Livewire

3: Energica Ego

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