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Motorcycle Training Aids

Recommended Reading

Know Your Traffic Signs

 • ISBN-10: 0115516123

 • ISBN-13: 978-0115516122


Twice the size of the last edition, this text takes account of the many changes brought about by the 1994 Traffic Signs Regulations.

How To Be A Better Rider

ISBN-10: 0956223915

  ISBN-13: 978-0117081888


A comprehensive manual for the motorcycle rider. It covers in detail the theory and practice of advanced riding, and everything you need to know to pass your Advanced Motorcycling Test.

Alternatively, you can receive this book as part of the IAMs Skill for Life Advanced Driving course.

 Publisher: Institute of Advanced Motorists (1 July 2009)

Motorcycle Roadcraft: The Police Rider's Handbook

 • ISBN-10: 011341143X

 • ISBN-13: 978-011341143


With input from police riders, trainees and civilian experts, this work is designed for police trainees and other riders concerned with getting the best from their machines. It gives information on safe and effective methods of riding a bike. This edition reflects changes in advice and in regulations, and includes illustrations to explain the importance of correct positioning and hazard awareness, a chapter on motorway riding, and notes of main learning points and reviews and questions for each chapter.

The Highway Code

 • ISBN-10: 0115526986

 • ISBN-13: 978-011552698


The Highway Code" is essential reading for everyone, not just learner drivers. It contains the most up-to-date advice on road safety and summarises the laws that apply to all users of the road. "The Highway Code" covers information for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. It includes guidance concerning animals, instruction on motorway driving, railway crossings and contains all the most important road signs and road markings. This edition has been updated to reflect recent changes in legislation, in particular that in relation to the use of mobile phones while driving, and some traffic signs and road markings. All road users need to be aware of the new rules. Guidance on proper road usage in a concise form, "The Highway Code" is the foundation for every learner driver and rider. "The Highway Code" is also the definitive reference on correct road usage for all road users. Death and injury on today's roads could be reduced if all road users knew and applied the rules contained in the Code.