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 Introductory Day Course in Advanced Motorcycling (IDCAM)

All associates start their training with an IDCAM. Riders are expected to have a roadworthy motorcycle and be wearing appropriate protective clothing for current weather conditions.

You will be required to sign a Documents Declaration for IAM. The Committee has reduced the cost to £10 as your donation towards the fuel costs for Observers.  You may contribute to the coffee costs if you wish.  Please ensure you have a full tank of petrol.

Lunch is not provided, there are bar snacks and drinks available.

PLEASE arrive at 09:00 and be ready to start at 09:15

There is plenty of solid parking for your motorcycle.  It is not all tarmac but very solid.

The training room is inside the main entrance, adjacent to the parking area.

Tea, coffee and normal bar snacks are available at your cost.

Arrival: Please come inside the building and ask for KAMG.


Inn On The Lake

Watling St


DA12 3HB

If traveling on M2 towards London onto A2 and the next exit. The venue is only 3 minutes from A2 Junction to Cobham.  Follow the slip road to the roundabout and take the 3rd exit.  Watch out for the sharp bend over the A2 and the venue is just a little further on the right.  PLEASE park where you feel it is safe to leave your bike.  Tim Johansen will be there looking out for you to give further directions to room.

The class room work consists of Audio visual interactive elements and technique information including a fun group quiz on the high way code. Swatting up is encouraged.

You will take a short ride at around 10:30 and back to the classroom within the hour.

After a break for lunch at about 12:15/30 you will be paired up with an Observer and go out for a ride and finish with a debrief over a cup of tea around 15:00. You will then, over the next week or so be contacted by an Observer who will arrange to start your on road training.

We trust that you will enjoy the day and reap the benefits of our efforts and most of all yours.

If you have a friend or family member that would benefit from joining us please pass on their details and encourage them to come along.