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The IAM Motorcycle Test

The Advanced Motorcycle Test lasts for about 90 minutes and will usually cover between 30 and 40 miles along all types of road (town driving, motorways (if available) or dual carriageways, and even country lanes).

Your Examiner will hold a Police Advanced Driving certificate (either serving or ex Police Class 1) and will have extensive experience from working within the Traffic sections of the Police Force.

The Test gives a thorough workout of riding ability, allowing the candidate to alter their ride according to the conditions and environment of the road. The types of road vary from quiet country roads, motorways to busy town centres.

In each case there are hazards and situations that need to be avoided and taken care of using the methods and techniques that advanced riding gives.

There may be situations where the candidate can show flair and panache (or what we term as Sparkle) on an open country road where optimum progress can be gained at maximum safety, using optimum road positioning and excellent observation.

All this combines to give a brisk smooth ride, at the legal limit on the open road. In other situations, the candidate will need to show restraint and composure to deal with tricky hazards that may become apparent throughout the ride.

Such as in a town centre situation, where observation is used to pick out hazards in situations that are constantly changing. The main objective is that the candidate has to perform well in all situations rather than excel in one.

Many people often comment on the Test after taking it and more often than not, the comments revolve around how much they enjoyed the drive.

On Test the candidate gets to "show off" the new skills that they have been tuning for the weeks during their course.

The Advanced Motorcycle Test IS NOT EASY but is within the reach of most motorcyclist with the right guidance.