Kent Advanced Motorcyclist Group

Registered Charity Number: 1060837    IAM Membership Number: K2095

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Costs Involved

The Kent Advanced Motorcyclists Group is a NON PROFIT making organisation, our primary aim is to improve road safety for motorcyclists through education and skills training.

The I.A.M. opeates a "Skill for life" programme, the cost of which is governed by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Currently £149.00

 The programme includes:-

 • 1 years membership to the IAM

 • 1 years associate membership to the KAMG

 • Unlimited Theory advice*

 • On road guidance**

 • A copy of the IAM manual "How to be a Better Rider"

 • The IAM Test

 • A nationally recognised certificate when you pass your test

*The IDCAM is an additional £25, which includes an observed ride and theory session.

**All our observers are volunteers and on each observed ride are paid a £10 contribution towards their running costs.

Club membership is currently set at £25.00 per annum