Kent Advanced Motorcyclist Group

Registered Charity Number: 1060837    IAM Membership Number: K2095

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Here is a brief introduction to our training methods :-

Step 1.  Join the group through IAM HQ by paying for "A Skill for life" package. If you have any queries, Jon Potter will be able to help you with this.

Step 2.  Come along to one of our group nights or contact Dave Parker to get your training started with the KAMG.

Step 3.  Attend an Introductory Day Course in Advanced Motorcycling IDCAMs

Step 4.  Complete your training with an assigned Observer, on average about six rides should do it! Observered Rides

Step 5. Attend a  Machine Control Day to brush up on riding skills.

Step 6. Check ride with a Senior Observer before applying for your test.

Step 7.  Take the IAM Motorcycle Test and if you pass become a full member of the Institute for Advanced Motorcyclists.

Each year the KAMG helps around 50 riders to pass the IAM Motorcycle Test and YOU could be one of them ...

Skill, Courtesy and Responsibility