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Minutes from the AGM

Held on

Thursday, 27th March 2014



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Apologies for absence: Geoff Walker

Minutes of AGM March 2013: these were printed in the magazine and circulated at the meeting and accepted by the membership by a show of hands.

Chairman’s Report. KAMG has enjoyed another successful year, mainly due to the super work of your committee members.

Test passes remain healthy and have been under the watchful eye of Roger Lancaster and his team of Observers.

Our membership has remained fairly constant at about 350 as those leaving are balanced by those joining.

We have trained new Observers who now have their own associates and there is a new intake of Trainee Observers.

Major improvements have been made to our website and to our database Tracker to which all members have access to amend their profiles, to find other members and even to pay their subs, while Observers can log and review observed rides.

In the face of the awful weather many have continued training and social riding, fish & chip rides and runs to Europe, while our FaceBook page has led to improptu rides: this is set to continue this year. All of these things you enjoy are organised by your hard working committee and they deserve a round of applause.

We have some committee members stepping down: Geoff Walker (Vice Chair and Committee Member) who intends to return one day, Karen Veness our wonderful Events Manager for the last 3-4 years and Roger Lancaster (Chief Observer) who for 3 years has overseen the Observer teams and some exciting training events and who will continue as a Senior Observer. I too am stepping down as Chair but will remain as a staunch committee member and Senior Observer and Mentor.

Please show your appreciation of the work these members have put in on your behalf.

Secretary’s Report. I am pleased to say my report this evening can be brief.

This is because my duties as Secretary are simplified by the hard work done by other members of the committee.

There are 11 members who report each month and whose work ensures the smooth running of the Group. In addition there are 7 other willing members who are always ready to help in various ways.

I thank them all both personally and on behalf of KAMG.

Special thanks must go to Dave Murphy, Karen Veness and Geoff Walker who (as you now know) are retiring.

Dave has been a king pin of KAMG for ages, was CO before being Chairman, organises wonderful trips for the Club, and always has a joke or two up his sleeve. We have been very fortunate.

Karen breezed onto committee and took on the arduous task of arranging events. What a success she has made of it.

Geoff has been our very capable Vice Chairman who is always ready with wise advice and considered opinions.

Thank you all; we will miss you.

Finally, I have decided that this will be my last year as Secretary. Do consider taking my place next year; it is a great group to work with.

Chief Observer’s Report. Over the past 12 months we have had Observers participate in and mentor at National Senior Observer weekend training courses.  I am pleased to report that feedback has indicated we seem to be doing well with our personal level of riding and with coaching Associate members through the IAM’s initial test.

We have had members of the Observer Corps pass and requalify as National Observers as well as Mike Chapman passing the Masters test and achieving a Distinction and Ian Burchell qualifying to represent us on the RTT.

Our training of new Observers continues this year as we have had seven Observers either take a sabbatical from observing or leave altogether.  We are grateful to Mike Stapley for the huge amount of work he puts in to guiding tutors and candidates in the right direction.  This year, Tony Bullard resigned as a Training Co-ordinator working alongside Mike.  We are extremely grateful for all the hard work Tony he put into this job.

The senior members of the Corps persist in trying to maintain a consistency of approach to our observing.  Every encouragement is offered for Observers to re-qualify annually within the group so that new practices can be introduced and we can see if we’re ‘all singing off the same hymn sheet’.  We do hear that some Associate Members get a bit confused occasionally by an apparent conflict of instructions being put across.

Tina Underwood and Tony Young continue to be instrumental in organising our Observer contribution to the success of the Kent Fire & Rescue Service’s series of Motorcycle Safety Days at Brands Hatch. We see this as an excellent way to publicise safer riding and recruit new members.

The annual Observer Conference was held on the morning of 22 February.  Yet again we had a good turn out and we heard very interesting contributions from in-house speakers and our guest, Examiner Steve Turner.  The topics presented ranged from admin and Tracker issues, right through to how we can improve our observing skills and possibly our own personal riding.  We were pleased that Jon Taylor, the IAM’s Staff Examiner, was with us on the day too.

I have been the C/O of this group for three years and I am now stepping down from the role.  I am pleased to announce that Christine Botley will be my successor, supported by Mike Stapley as Deputy C/O.  I know both of them will lead the Observer Corps in an exemplary manner.  I wish Christine and Mike the very best for the future and I have already told them I will help them whenever I can.  I haven’t gone away!

I am extremely grateful for the tremendous support I have received over the years from such a dedicated team of members of the Training Sub-committee. They diligently undertake a whole host of tasks on my behalf and for the benefit of the membership as a whole.  Without their contributions, none of this would happen.

There is a high level of commitment and inspirational work being undertaken by members of the Observers Corps to ensure our Associate Members receive the best support toward reaching the goal of becoming an ‘advanced’ level motorcyclist.  Yet again, the group’s committee express their thanks to all Observers for their dedication to the task and doing the job that is at the very heart of our existence.

Retirement & Election of Committee Officers. Group rules state that the Chairman, Treasurer & Secretary must stand down each year and be re-elected if wanting to stand. Howard Williams & Paul Jessop are both standing for re-election and Jaime Tollerton is standing for post of Chairman. As we have had no other nominations, I call upon full members to formally propose and second then vote for these officers.

Chair; Jaime Tollerton; proposed by Nev Smith, seconded by Mick West.

Treasurer; Paul Jessop; proposed by Paul Aspinal, seconded by Nev Smith.

Secretary; Howard Williams; proposed by Tim Johanssen, seconded by Mick West.

Committee; re-elected en bloc to simplify matters, instead of a third of members standing down and being re-elected. (With the exception of those members already noted as retiring).

New Chairman’s Address. Jaime Tollerton addressed the members to assure them he would be fully committed to his role and to the Group. He then thanked Dave Murphy for his work on behalf of KAMG and proposed that he be elected Vice-President in recognition of all he had done for KAMG over many years. This was carried unanimously and Dave responded, stating his gratitude and surprise at being given this honour.

New Chief Observer’s Address. Christine Botley thanked Roger Lancaster, the outgoing CO, for his help with explaining the details of her new role and assured members of her commitment and desire to carry on maintaining the high standards of training Observers and Associates achieved by previous CO’s.

AOB. Dave Murphy invited any member wishing to pose a question or to attend a committee meeting as a guest; they would be very welcome as we are not a closed group. He then declared the AGM closed and introduced the visiting speakers.